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Tips for Choosing a Pest Removal Service

You’ve just moved into a new home, and then you discover that the property is infested with nearly every kind of pest imaginable. Packing up is not possible, but hiring a pest control service sure is. But how do you go about doing so?


First of all, you must see to it that the company you choose has insurance. You do not want any liability in case a worker injures himself within your premises. Talk to their references if you have doubts, or ask the neighbors if they can recommend an insured company.

Business Reputation

Well-reputed pest control companies usually have a website. If you already have a few prospects, visit their sites and read their customers’ testimonials (they will likely not include any negative ones, however). You can read reviews on popular third-party consumer websites too (for example, Angie’s List).

Products Used

When checking out a pest control service, inquire about the pesticides they’re using. In the world of pest control, one-size-fits-all doesn’t work. You cannot eradicate roaches using a spray created for vermin. Find a service that employs a custom approach to every infestation.


Pest control companies may attempt to lure in more customers by saying they have cheaper rates than their competitors. But the problem is, this may not always fit what your home requires at a given time. After all, pest control packages can vary widely. At the end of the day, you’ll want a company that is willing to work around your budget.

Consistent Reporting

As mentioned, there are many types of pest extermination projects, but for the more extensive ones, such as tent fumigation, regular reporting is a must. Inquire from the company you’re considering whether their employees will provide such reports regarding the progress of extermination, especially when the timeframe is short. In most cases, they will send someone to personally see the extent of the infestation. There is no other method of knowing how long the entire process will take. If they offer a timeframe through the phone without actually seeing the situation, watch out. Reputable pest control services never do that.


Speaking of employees, find a company that hires and trains their staff in the ways of professionalism. Do they treat you with respect when you’re talking on the phone or in person? How long do they put you on hold when you call? Are they known for delivering on their promises? Are they in proper uniforms? Do their products come with correct labels? Additionally, a pest control specialist should be happy to explain the extermination process to you before they begin.

Recurrent Infestation Management

Finally, knowing that the risk of infestation recurrence is always there, you have to find a company will know exactly how to handle it, without forcing you into any long-term deals. Simply put, commit to using the same company in the future only when there are palpable signs of re-infestation.

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