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Why Regenerative Medicine Is Increasing In Popularity Today

Can medicine advance to a point where there is no need to transplant body parts that are failing with new ones? An era where medicine is so advanced such that people do not need to take insulin because their bodies cannot produce enough. A time where it will be possible to reverse the effects of paralysis caused by the damage of nerves. These shortcomings can be addressed by using regenerative medicine.

Regenerative medicine is a section of medicine which concentrates on the body’s regenerative abilities as a cure to what people are suffering from. This type of medicine when correctly applied to the current situations, it can bring back the functionality and structure of dilapidated organs and tissues. It can cure illnesses that people are born with them.

This type of medicine allows people with certain conditions to live healthier lives, some of which never thought it was possible in the past decade. This stem of medicine consists of a few different dockets. Cellular therapies are among the different regenerative treatments. It focuses mainly on using the body cells to grow back destroyed nerves and cardiac tissues.

Conditions related to the heart are among the leading causes of death in the US. Heart disease is a result of permanent death of heart cells after a heart attack which is caused by a clotted cardiac blood vessel. The destroyed cardiac cells can be restored using the stem cell treatments which focus on creating new cardiac cells.

The other paradigm of regenerative medicine is artificial organs. Artificial organs do not regenerate the organ itself, but it regenerates its functionality by putting another one which works the same way. This is among the few regenerative treatments that have been successfully enforced on patients. Many people out there are functioning with fake hearts and lungs while they wait for transplants, so this technology is not a true cure its something to use in the meantime.

Tissue engineering is a part of regenerative medicine. What this does is to replace damaged organs with lab-grown ones, they are also put in the place where an organ is missing completely. There would be no need for organ transplants if this technology was perfected and it worked as it should. There will be no need to wait in line for years to get an organ which will react with your body and reject it.

Tissue engineering allows organs and tissues to be grown by a person’s cells. This allows a person to have an unlimited supply of something that had a finite period. This type of discovery would surely increase the lifespan of individuals.

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