Doing Boarding The Right Way

Why You Should Hire A Pet Sitter

With the current economy where people have to do multiple jobs, pet owners do not have time for their pets that is why they hire pet sitters. Getting a pet sitter is better than leaving your dog at a kennel that they are not familiar with. When you hire a pet sitter, they are responsible for supplying the dog with food, giving them water and taking them for walks every day. Many pets cannot stand car trips so driving back and forth to the kennel is stressful for them. If you leave your pet at a kennel, they may develop a condition known as separation anxiety. Separation anxiety can be severe and stressful for a pet and the owner as well.

The separation anxiety disorder affects the health of the pet by putting stress on their hearts and lungs causing their entire system to work differently. Hiring an expert pet sitter is one way you can help your pet overcome separation anxiety disorder. Use word of mouth first to look for a pet sitter as this method gives you honest reviews. Other sources of information about pet sitters are found in papers, bulletin boards and yellow pages.

The internet is another source pet owners can use to find themselves professional pet sitters. The internet has all the information you may need to know about what pet sitter to get and what experience they should have to qualify for the job. Many pet sitters are covered by insurance to protect them and the owner of the pet as well. If the pet sitters are professionals they will contacts of their former clients that the current employers can call to ask about them if need be. A good pet sitter will be willing to answer any questions you may have without any hesitation. If they have not given you all the details in their resume, ask them vital questions such as how they would act in an emergency, including fires, injuries, and what they would do if the dog broke its leash and ran around the backyard.

Many dog sitters will first meet with their prospective clients for an initial meeting to talk about all these issues, to meet the dogs or dog, and see if they are in a position to take care of them. As a pet owner during the first meeting you can ask the pet sitter to take the dog for a short walk and see how they handle them on a leash. Also discuss where the walks will be taking place and how often. The pet sitter should inquire if the pet is under any medication or a special diet.

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