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Defining Shatter and Its Benefits as a Cannabis Concentrate

Industry professionals define shatter as a type of cannabis concentrate that is created from the extraction of cannabinoids, terpenes, and related compounds from the cannabis plant. The term particularly refers to a certain translucent texture of cannabis concentrate that “shatters” like glass.

Making cannabis concentrates involves passing a solvent (for example, butane, CO2, etc.) through thoroughly ground cannabis material, which may be cured or fresh. This result is a thick amber-colored cannabis oil rich in the plant’s active chemical compounds.

Why Is Shatter Different?

Shatter does not differ considerably from other forms of marijuana extracts when it comes to practical use. They are all consumed using the same methods and with more or less the same potency range. Shatter, however, is quite unique due to its appearance.

It is, to some degree, transparent and has an amber or golden color. Shatter concentrate’s semi-clarity is produced by the extracted cannabis oil’s molecular structure. These molecules are all piled up one atop the other in perfect, consistent rows. Because of this, light is able to pass through it, giving it its glass-like properties.

Different factors, such as moisture, heat and high terpene content, can impact shatter’s texture and extraction, which can make extracted oils more fluid, like sap, while keeping its translucence.

Except for shatter and sap, all the whipping, shaking or stirring done to concentrates during processing agitate the molecules. Shatter is not agitated and that is why it comes out translucent.

Otherwise, moving cannabis oil molecules vigorously can lead to the formation of irregular opaque structures that do not permit as much light to get through. This makes shatter a lot more transparent compared to wax. Agitation of the oil leads to the production of opaque wax or similar cannabis concentrates other than the clear concentrates that you will find in shatter.

Why Shatter?

A major benefit of dabbing shatter is that it provides a much quicker method of pushing cannabinoids into the bloodstream, thereby creating almost instantaneous effects. And because shatter is so potent, “less is more” so users can go easy on their cannabis.

By dabbing shatter, there is no need to inhale large amounts of a burning plant in order to be satisfied. Which is a good thing, without a doubt. Instead of inhaling smoke, which comes with tons of toxic substances, users can just dab once or twice to get their cannabinoids, taking in strictly vapor.

Shatter’s molecular structure also makes it more stable, which means it will take much longer to degrade as opposed to wax and other similar extracts. It may be harder to break up into individual portions because of its hard consistency, but users will eventually find a way around it with practice.

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